Freebitcoin multiply strategy – to bank hard (big balance)

Do you have a big BTC balance that you can play with? Are you looking for the best Freebitcoin multiply strategy to increase it even further?

Then you’re in the right place.

I have followed the same strategy and made numerous rolls with it and made some nice profits.

With this strategy you’ll make use of the auto bet tab instead of the manual one that I’ve used when I’ve just started years back.

You can check out the low balance multiply strategy here.

With the auto betting you’ll not only make bets faster, bu you’ll also eliminate the possibility to mess up by making a bad bet.

But as with any other strategy, this thing ain’t bulletproof. Play only with what you can afford to loose and make use of stop loss if things go south.

Also try to avoid going at it 24/7. It will not go well, trust me.

How to play with big balance?

Ok then, let’s look at the strategy itself.

To no big surprise it’s the same martingale strategy where you need to increase your bet further to win back the lost amount and profit on wining.

The most important thing in this guide are the odds and the increase of your next bet.

The higher the odds, the higher the winnings will be. But even at odds set at 2 the house edge is quite large.

Because of that it will be hard to sustain your account on auto betting. Admittedly in my low balance manual betting I used higher odds, but the strategy was different.

It’s safer to play at lower odds that gives you 50% or more wining chance.

I’m feeling confident right now with odds set starting from 1.5 to 1.8.

But the downside to betting at such odds is that it will require a big balance.


It’s because it will not be enough to just double the bet to profit after loosing. You’ll need to increase it way more depending on your available balance and the profit you want to take.

My advice to you is that you calculate how many consecutive bets you can make before going bust. As even at these odds long loosing streaks are inevitable and they will happen.

Make sure you can make at least ~20 consecutive loosing bets.

So how would the betting look like for this Freebitcoin multiply strategy?

Check out the table bellow with odds set at 1.8.

Bet table

Bet nr.BetWinUsedProfit / loss

As you can see, then to play with these odds you’ll need a decant balance if you want a sustainable play.

Of course it also depends on the bet percentage increase. Set a lower rate to play it more safely. Only in that case, the profits will automatically also be smaller.

So, play around in the excel to set reasonable odds and bet percentage increase. Note that the rounding happens to closest satoshi by mathematical calculations.

If you play around in excel, then round each cell before multiplying it with the percentage.

Is this FreeBitcoin multiply strategy worth your time?

If you want some serious gains and you have a balance that backs it up, then this strategy is absolutely for you.

If you have the funds you can play around with bet percentage increase. With big enough you’ll surely get that “wow” moment when you’ll see your profits/

Do remember though about your balance and limits that you are are comfortable with.

Even with this strategy extra long loosing streaks are possible, so bet only what you can afford.


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