Freebitcoin multiply strategy with low balance

You have a relatively small balance but still want to try out multiply BTC game on Freebitcoin? Or have you already attempted some strategy that you found and got burned?

I’ve heard the second story so many times that it hurts.

The applied strategy might have been solid, but the actual problem might have been your bankroll. If it’s too small for the selected strategy you could burn your balance in seconds.

The other thing that I saw over the years is that some people have presented strategies with crazy high odds.

You can see some of them on YouTube presenting you a small sample with few clicks and no stop loss set.

That’s just asking for trouble.

While my strategy that I have used has higher odds, they are still lower than many strategies that I’ve seen.

A couple of years back once I first started with BTC faucet sites I applied this strategy and made more than 3 million rolls with it.

Most recently I checked it again, before I made this guide, and made ~100k rolls with a profit of ~35k satoshis.

Do remember that bad days can happen and learn to stop instead playing like a madman. As this strategy is not bulletproof.

If bad things happen, suck it up and move on. Take a break for a day(s) instead of trying to win back loses straight away.

It will not end well if the AI wants you to loose.

How to play with low balance?

Ok, lets get to the Freebitcoin multiply strategy itself.

It’s what I call – win on loosing and is actually rather simple. It’s basically the plain old martingale where you bet more with each bet to cower the losses.

The problem with that though is that the bankroll needs to be quite big for it to work.

For example if we start at 1 satoshi and double the bet after loss our bets would look like this:

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 4
  4. 8
  5. 16
  6. 32
  7. 64
  8. 128
  9. 256
  10. 512
  11. 1024
  12. 2048
  13. 4096
  14. 8192
  15. 16384
  16. 32768
  17. 65536
  18. 131072
  19. 262144
  20. 524288
  21. 1048576

As you can see it requires quite a bankroll to place a bet on a loosing streak.

At bet nr. 15 you already need a balance of 0.00032767, and to place bet nr. 20 you need a balance of 0.01048575

As you can see then by doing classic martingale you need a big bankroll. And trust me, such loosing streaks are possible even at small odds like 1.3 or 1.5 where you’d need to increase your next bet even more.

I did not have such funds at the very beginning when I started playing, that’s why I went with a different approach.

The bad news is that this can’t be set in the auto bet window – it’s all manual betting. If you’re good at programming and writing scripts, then it’s possible to script this strategy and loose the manual work.

If not, then good thoughts and words to your mouse šŸ™‚

Win on loosing

As I mentioned previously then long loosing streaks are possible, but I relied on them as weird as it sounds.

Back at the time I had only around 60k satoshi, but I spread it so that with the balance I could make 25 consecutive loosing bets before going bust. You can check my bets in the table bellow.

My settings mostly were:

  • starting bet – 4 satoshi
  • bet odds – 3

Of course you can adjust the odds to make it more safe which I also did at times to mix it up. Only then you’ll need adjust your bets as with lower odds they’ll be higher then in my example bellow.

e.g. you could lower the odds from 3 to say 1.5 at the last few bets to get a better chance of winning. But it’s your choice and preference how you play.

Here’s what I did:

I started hitting randomly high – low with the same base bet – 4 satoshi.

high, low, low, low, high, low …

Then after it’s been at least 6 consecutive loosing bets I started hitting just one of them – high or low until it reached 9 to 10 consecutive loosing bets with the same base bet of 4 satoshi.

At that point I just doubled my next bets until it reached 64 as that for me was the point where semi long loosing streaks mostly ended.

If I didn’t win at the bet with 64 satoshi, then I didn’t double it to stretch the maximum possible bets while still having profit with each bet. And I kept hitting the same choice (high / low) for each consecutive bet.

So with a balance of 0.00004256 I could make 20 consecutive bets. And if I won at that I would have profited 334 satoshi.

Such loosing streaks at around 20 bets were quite common. My own stop loss at the beginning was at 23 consecutively lost bets which resulted in 0.00015546 BTC loss.

Bet table

Bet nr.BetWinUsedProfit / loss

Is this FreeBitcoin multiply strategy worth your time?

To sum it up – it’s a bit boring strategy as you’ll need to go through many manual bets, plus the balance increase will be rather slow.

So you’ll not get that wow moment.

But it works if you discipline yourself and don’t go crazy.

The best thing is that even just making random bets with the base bet of 4 satoshi increased my balance at most times or decreased it by a mere 200 satoshi.

On top of that, this wagering gave me a ton of lottery tickets and reward points plus increased my hourly free bitcoin bonus reward.

Do remember though that it’s not prefect – extra long loosing streaks are very much possible especially as higher odds are set. For me personally it has been 29 consecutive loosing bets.

That’s why it’s important to set limitations for yourself and accept the losses if your bankroll is not that big.

Better loose a little rather than loose everything at once.

Also don’t be too greedy and don’t play extra long sessions or daily, take a break so the AI forgets about you.


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