How to get passive income with cryptocurrencies?

If you had doubts, then loose them.

It’s very much possible to get passive income with cryptocurrencies just by holding them at the right place.

Although not all cryptos / tokens have such option.

Lets dive right in and look at the biggest and best known – bitcoin. You can hold it in various places where each offers their own percentage and bonuses. But for the sake of example lets reduce it to this example.

Where can you get passive income?

You can buy and hold BTC on a crypto exchange like Binance. But it’s not that great and safe.

Mostly there are two things:

  1. Biggest issue is that the offered percentage for a plan that does not lock your asset for a long time is not that great.
  2. And as always, it’s not recommended to hold your cryptocurrency on exchange sites. There are many stories floating around with lost accounts with crypto in it.

Don’t add your story to them!

As an alternative to the exchanges, there are so called bitcoin faucet sites. One of the oldest and most known of them is –

Here the offered percentage is better than on Binace, giving you 4.08% anually. Do note, that there is way to increase this rate further and earn even more!

If you want to learn more, then check out the article about FUN token premium program.

The best thing about this site is that your BTC won’t be locked and you’ll start gaining interest from day one if you have a balance of at least 0.00030000.

If you’d have a balance of 0.1 BTC you’d gain yearly ~0.004 BTC by doing nothing. Sure, it’s not a huge amount, but free stuff is free stuff.

Plus your coins can be withdrawn at any time, as they aren’t locked in any way.

But if you’re fine with that, then be sure to check out crypto staking.

Just remember that you won’t be able to access your asset in case the price fluctuates and you want to sell that cryptocurrency.

Additional passive income with FUN tokens

While you hold your bitcoins on freeBitcoin faucet site, why not also acquire and hold some FUN tokens?

By acquiring a certain amount of FUN tokens you’ll get free wheel of fortune spins (various prizes), increased interest for your BTC savings and cashback (multiply game and betting) as well from your activities on site.

Also there was a recent announcement that Binance has come to an agreement with with FUN token savings program on their site.

So you can decide where you want to hold it and gain the most benefits – on freebitcoin or on Binance.

As word of caution – beware of scam websites that promise huge annual percentage. You’ll most likely loose all your investment.

If it’s too good to be true, then run from the site and don’t look back.

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