How to maximize your FreeBitcoin earnings

So, you’ve picked one of the most profitable bitcoin faucets. Good job! But now you want to maximize your FreeBitcoin earnings?

That’s great, as it certainly can be done.

Following this guide you’ll gain a good amount of BTC absolutely without risk. The earnings obviously will be higher if you’ll participate also in the bitcoin multiply game / betting.

But enough of that. Let’s get to the steps that you should take to maximize your maximize your FreeBitcoin earnings.

1. Subscribe to their newsletter

This is the first thing you should do.

You might be wondering why. I don’t blame you, many sites bombard their subscribers with sell offers etc.

But this is not the case as each newsletter from FreeBicoin is rather lucrative.

Recently, before their FUN token premium program, they added a wheel of fortune where you could win awesome prizes absolutely for free and with zero risk.

The thing is that each newsletter mail contains a single free spin for wheel of fortune.

You can win there free satoshis (BTC) / reward points (RP) / lottery tickets (LT) / golden tickets. And on top of that – Amazon gift card, iPhone and the main prize a brand new Rolex.

The later three prizes obviously will be very rare, but the chances are there nevertheless.

Lets check how much we can gain if we drop the uncommon top prizes.

Lets say there are 365 days in a year. If we divide the most common three prizes equally we get such results displayed in the table.

I’ll use such percentage for the prizes:

  • (50) – 85% chance
  • (500) – 10% chance
  • (5000) – 5% chance

Prize amount is determined by the bitcoin price. If it costs more the overall prize will be lower.


These are very approximate gains as the chances can vary. E.g. I’ve gained two 5000 wins in a row. So, the yearly gains can be way higher than that.

Do note that this free spin link is valid only for 48h. So don’t miss this opportunity. Plus, it’s possible to receive more than one mail in a day that contains this free spin.

2. Gain more wheel of fortune spins by holding FUN tokens

Thanks to the latest addition of FUN token premium program you can increase your FreeBitcoin earnings even further.

By holding a specific amount of FUN tokens (2500, 5000, 12500, 50000, 125000, 250000 and 500000) in your account you’ll gain additional free spins daily.

On top of those, there are also additional benefits that you can find in this article

Lets say you held (5000) FUN tokens in your account. That would result in around 1530 free wheel of fortune spins per year. More in the next year as you would gain maximum free spins.

The winnings table would look like this with the additional spins:


As you can see, by adding the free spins from the FUN token program your earnings increase drastically.

As you hold more tokens the gains will be even more impressive.

3. Save you reward points (RP) to increase your FreeBitcoin earnings

In previous two points you already saw that you can win these points from the wheel of fortune.

Why these reward points are so important?

It’s because they are used to purchase various bonuses on site. But on top of that they can be exchanged to satoshis if you hold at least 100000 RP.

Your most used bonus that you’ll buy will be the RP bonus. The best one will give you 100 extra RP for each free spin you make from the faucet.

freebitcoin reward point prizes

You can find the bonuses under the main menu – More >> Rewards.

Do note that it costs 1200 RP and it’s active for 24h, so to make a profit you’ll need to make at least 13 spins daily.

You can do that easily with automated software, but use it at your own risk. It sounds lucrative though to profit at least 1000 RP per day.

If you make at least 16 spins daily, then you’d profit 400 RP.

Yearly that would result in 146000 points. But if you managed to perform more spins, you could look at around 365000 RP profit yearly.

That’s a nice sum of satoshis that you can gain for free yearly.

Of course you’ll not be able to purchase the biggest bonus straight away as at the beginning you’ll have 0 RP.

You’ll need to go through all the bonus levels before you can get the best one. (Wheel of fortune could help out to shorten the time required to do it).

4. Claim your hourly faucet reward

This is a no brainer as it’s the main thing you came for. Your free reward will mainly depend if you play the multiply game or not.

If you do not, then the hourly free reward will go down.

Lets look at an example with a small hourly reward. If the minimum prize was 15 satoshi and you made at least 16 claims per days You’d see a return of ~0.00087600 BTC for a year.

But if your smallest hourly claim was boosted to e.g. 60 satoshi, then you’d look at ~0.00350400 free BTC per year.

Quite a difference right?

That’s why the multiply game / betting is also important.

You can of course increase your faucet claims further by applying the free BTC bonus reward. But it’s rather costly in terms or RP.

5. Play the BTC multiply game

This is the most lucrative option, but instead of all the other options this comes with risks to loose your balance.

Depending on the available balance and playing strategy one could easily acquire an average profit of ~5000 satoshi per day. Which in a year would result in around 0.018 BTC.

If you have a big balance and don’t go over the board with the gambling you could be looking for at least ~ 0.4 BTC profit per year.

If you’re interested in the playing strategies, then check out my multiply strategies for low balance and big balance accounts.

6. Take advantage of bitcoin deposit bonus

This a recently added bonus event that comes up from time to time.

You can get 10 free spins for each deposit you make during the event. Do note that the amount of the deposit should be at least 30000 satoshi to receive these bonus spins.

If you want to make a deposit – don’t make a single big one. Split it in multiple smaller ones to get as many extra free spins as possible.

This way you increase not only your earnings, but also your chances to score a bigger prize from the wheel of fortune.

Your overall FreeBitcoin earnings

At a bare minimum if you don’t engage is riskier activities you’d be looking at a profit of around 0.0012 BTC and 200000 RP.

Do not that you can exchange your RP to BTC, so it would be around 0.0032 BTC.

With a high activity, claiming nearly 24/7 you’d look at profit of ~ 0.0016 BTC and 400000 RP which would result in around 0.0056 BTC yearly.

If you add to that at least 5000 FUN token investment, you could look at around 0.008 BTC per year.

If you add to that the multiply game / betting / additional interest on your balance the profit could easily be tripled.

As you can see then the potential profit can vary quite a lot depending how you use the site.

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