Freebitcoin FUN token loyalty program at the start of the year 2021 announced their premium program based on the FUN token.

Since then the price of it has gone up dramatically. But it’s still not too late to jump on the train as FUN token has the potential to rise even higher.

By holding a certain amount of FUN for a specified term you’ll gain additional benefits.

At first there was need to hold the FUN for specified term – at least 30 days. But that was reduced to a single day when the threshold is reached. A superb update for new FUN holders.

The more and the longer FUN tokens you’ll hold in your account, the bigger the gains will be.

Now then, what are the benefits of their new program?

There are four benefits:

  1. CASHBACK on Multiply BTC / Betting
  2. INCREASED daily Interest
  3. FREE SPINS wheel of Fortune / Day
  4. FUN token savings to increase your token count

Lets go through them one by one:

CASHBACK on Multiply BTC / Betting

This benefit will certainly be popular among the users that do betting or use the multiply BTC game.

The percentage might seem small if you place only small bets or use the multiply game rarely. But as the multiply volume increases the total amount of cashback from each bet adds up.

In the end it will be a nice amount of BTC that you’d not see if you didn’t held FUN tokens.

INCREASED daily Interest

This is a great update for passive income. already offers their users to hold their BTC and earn 4.18% anual interest if you have a balance of at least 30,000 satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in your account.

With the premium program you can increase your daily interest by up to 25%

It’s great as there are no risks involved. You just hold your BTC in your account and watch how free satoshis are added to the balance daily.

The downside is that you’ll need to hold at least 12500 FUN tokens to unlock this option as the lower tiers don’t have this option.

FREE SPINS wheel of Fortune / Day

Finally you also gain extra wheel of fortune spins daily.

If you subscribe to their newsletter you’ll gain a single spin each day which is valid for 48 hours.

Free spins gained from the FUN token loyalty program on the other hand never expire and you can use them whenever you want.

While you’ll mostly gain a certain amount of satoshis, reward points or lottery tickets. You can also win more lucrative prizes.

  • golden tickets (to qualify for the lottery for Lamborghini or 200.000$ worth of BTC)
  • Amazon gift card worth 500$
  • iPhone worth 1500$
  • main prize 15.000$

FUN token savings program

Recently there was another great addition to the site. Now you can also earn interest from your FUN tokens by locking them for a specific period.

It ranges from 15 days up to a year. Of course, a lengthier lock period results in a bigger APY percent.

You can learn all about this program in this article.

FreeBitcoin wheel of fortune spins:

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