Getting bitcoins at a low cost

Want to get your initial bitcoins but don’t want to pay huge sums? Or you want another option instead of just buying in an exchange?

Well, there are two ways.

You either use faucet site like FreeBitcoin or Cointiply and earn some free satoshis.

Or you make use of mining programs which I still do to this date to gain some extra bitcoins or rather satoshis.

You can mine cryptocurrency on a semi decant GPU (graphics card). This will surely give you quite a bit of BTC you can use on later on what you want.

I myself have used kryptex for quite a long time due to it’s simplicity. It might be the most simple mining application and web dashboard that you can find.

But it works just fine.

To this date I’ve mined with it more than 0.1 BTC which also includes income from referrals. And looking at the bitcoin price nowadays minus the cost of used electricity the profit is huge.

Plus the referral income is fully passive where I don’t have to lift a finger. What could be better than that!

kryptex earnings

As with most one click miners there is also a withdrawal fee, so I would recommend to not make a frequent withdrawals. Leave it running at least for a month or two.

But if you can mine at a great efficiency then do as you want and feel.

The second option to gain your initial satoshis are cryptocurrency faucets. I use them to this date, not just for the free claims, but also for their games.

My balance allows me to do it. If you want check out my Freebitcoin multiply strategies that I’ve used:

Aside from FreeBitcoin site that I highly recommend there is another worth mentioning – Cointiply.

If you have lots of free time you can participate in surveys, quizzes, app installs, video views etc. to gain extra cryptocurrency.

Do note that many offers on Cointiply are GEO targeted, so they might not be available to you.

If that is the case, then FreeBitcoin will be a better match for you.

Additional cryptocurrency gains

As a side-note you can earn various cryptocurrencies by taking part in crypto airdrops.

Don’t worry it’s nothing complicated.

There are many crypto companies that want to increase their projects visibility or stimulate trade by distributing free coins.

These mostly are some specific social media tasks that need to be completed before you receive your reward.

You can check some of the offers here.

These won’t make you rich, but every little bit helps.

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