Is Freebitcoin legit or not?

Yes, the short answer is that is very much legit. It has been working since 2013 and has made many payouts to its user-base.

Over the years I’ve made myself quite a few withdrawals, so I can confirm too that the site is legit.

Then why are there voices out there that scream – scam?

Well, mostly these complaints arise from people that expect to hit big with nothing at all in their pockets.

Main tagline for is to win 200$ worth of BTC every hour. While it’s true the chances of that are quite low as it’s a free feature available for all.

Lets be realistic if they did give out such amounts to their users any other day, their business model would be unsustainable.

So while chances are low, they are there for sure. Many users have proven that by posting top rolls and their winnings in a specific forum thread found here.

They do it so as rewards them with extra satoshis. A great incentive to show that the chances are there.

What actually is

First they started out as a basic BTC faucet, where one could claim free satoshis hourly.

But over the years the site has grown tremendously to staggering 40m plus registered users.

And it’s not just the user-base. There were added extra features for users to gain more BTC, more games to play.

Most recent is the introduction of their premium program with FUN tokens. Freebitcoin acquired most of them from the FunFair team in a recent deal.

It gave the users an incentive to hold the tokens on their platform.

In return members receive extra rolls on their wheel of fortune, cashback on all bets, and increased daily interest if the user has a 30k satoshi or bigger balance.

Since the deal the price of the token has risen by 300% after a couple of months of the premium program introduction.

If you didn’t know, then freebitcoin is one the biggest online casinos in the world. That is once you enter their btc multiply game.

How can you earn BTC in

There are multiple ways you can increase your BTC balance. The most basic option is to use only their free faucet.

But it will take time to accumulate the minimum withdrawal amount which is at 30k satoshi. While slow, its risk free.

By using the faucet you’ll gain BTC, extra lottery tickets and reward points that you can later exchange at a rate 1:1 to satoshis.

With the use of the free faucet and reward point bonus one can easily accumulate 100k reward points over the 4 months, which converts to 100k satoshis.

I mentioned 100k as it’s the minimum amount of points needed to exchange them to BTC.

The best thing to it – it’s completely free. I’ve done that multiple times over to increase my balance. Only requirement is your time and very frequent free roll claiming.

As I engage in other activities on the site, then I accumulate 100k reward points way faster than 4 months.

The most popular and sometimes most cursed option is to use the multiply BTC game. It’s a numbers game where you either bet on a Low or High number.

I’ve added some strategies that you can follow:

Another option to earn free bitcoins is the lottery. If you claim your free BTC from the faucet, you’ll also will gain free tickets.

It will be hard to win with such amount of tickets, but as I said previously – the chances are there.

There has even been one user that won the main prize ~0.3 BTC with just a single ticket!

To finish it up there are three more ways to earn BTC.

One is by placing bets on sport events, BTC price etc. The second is similar to regular lottery, but in this one the user can win a brand new Lamborghini or an equivalent prize – 200000$ in BTC.

And finally the last option is by using the wheel of fortune. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll gain a single free spin daily.

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